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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Drive?

Access the drive letter corresponding to your flash drive. While there is no direct command to see a list of available storage units, you may type an experimental drive letter, followed by a colon, and press "Enter.". For example, typing "D:" and pressing "Enter" would access that drive's contents, if available.

Why does Google Drive keep going offline?

There are multiple reasons why Google Drive might keep going offline even if you want to access online content. Failing network connection and a temporary bug in the current version are just some of them.

How do I find my Google Drive on my PC?

Press "Windows-Q" and type "Google Drive" in the "Search" box. Windows finds the Google Drive icon and displays it.

How do you sign in drive?

Click Sign In with a Different Account. You see the Choose an Account Screen. Click Add Account. On the new Sign In screen, type in the e-mail address and password of another Google Drive account. Click Sign In. Now, you’re in the Google Drive for the other account.

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