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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the form DS-82?

Applicants who are renewing their passport, changing their legal name or correcting information on a previous passport issued may use the Form DS-82 if all of the following are true: that passport was issued less than 15 years ago.

When to use the ds-5504 form?

Data Corrections, Some Name Changes, and Limited-Validity Passports (DS-5504) You may be eligible to use this form if you need to change or correct your passport, or you need to replace a passport that was limited to less than 10 years validity (which is the normal validity period for an adult's passport.)

Can I use the DS-11 form to apply for a passport?

You cannot use this form. You must apply on form DS-11, Application for a U.S. Passport by making a personal appearance before an acceptance agent authorized to accept passport applications. Visit to find your nearest acceptance facility.

How do I get my DS-82 passport renewal?

You are strongly encouraged to send your DS-82 passport renewal package via registered mail/courier. Step 9: Your new passport will be delivered using your pre-paid, self-addressed envelope. Passport processing takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

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