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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria document for SFC?

This "Criteria Document" is intended for use by SFC Program staff and by tribes. In essence, it is a compilation of previously approved guidance policies. However, this version is a working document until such time as P.L. 94-437 is reauthorized and Congress passes Title V ofP.L. 93-638.

What does DSFC stand for?

Environmental (DFM) Construction Health Services (DSFC) (DEHS) DSFC District OfIice(s) Line of Authority I DSFCField DSFCField Program Management Offices Offices

Can DSFC be diagnosed clinically?

Conclusions: Though DSFC can be diagnosed clinically and its natural history is benign, its presence can be emotionally draining for parents. Physicians should be aware of this clinical entity to rapidly allay parental distress and avoid unnecessary procedures.

Who is eligible for the SFC program?

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Service by the SFC Program* Eligible Persons • Any member of a Federally recognized tribe, band, group, or community of American Indians/Alaska Native persons who are within the scope of the IHS program. Eligibility is also extended to certain unaffiliated California Indians.

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