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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Desert Financial Credit Union?

Celebrating more than 80 years in years in Arizona, Desert Financial is the state's largest and most trusted credit union — with $6+ billion in assets, 350,000+ members and nearly 50 branches. Membership eligibility is open across most of Arizona, with contactless solutions making it easy to call, click or come in.

Why dsfcu?

Why DSFCU? Dedicated to providing financial services, and the tools for financial success, to the residents of Daniels, Sheridan and North Valley counties of Montana.

What happened to desert schools credit union?

The spirit of what it means to be a credit union has been lost with this poorly lead organization. In fact, the service over the years has slowly eroded to the point that Desert Schools has no choice but to change their name in an effort to deceive potential new customers by hiding the reputation and Yelp reviews associated with them!

What is the Desert Financial online banking system?

Enjoy the convenience of banking on the go with our Online Banking System and the Desert Financial mobile app! With our easy-to-use digital services, you can access all of your banking information and manage your money from your computer, phone or tablet.

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