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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders of DSIL global company?

Courtney is the original co-founder of DSIL Global and remains as an advisor and thought-leader in the company. Her work with the Circular Design Lab as the head of Exploration at United Nations continues to deepen her practice of bringing systems thinking for scalable change into the world of local design.

Why do we need the DSIL shift model?

The DSIL SHIFT model was built to guide sustainable cultural change For organizations ready to consciously transform the way humans work together, Whether there is a need for groundbreaking or incremental innovation, the DSIL lead designers are equally versed facilitators.

How does the DSIL team support the team?

"The DSIL Team dove into a challenging assignment with calmness and strongly supported our complex international leadership team during the start of a transition period. The facilitators adeptly balanced autonomy in learning the context and checking in with excellent questions- which helped us build trust between one another.

How does DSIL help people transition to remote work?

The transition to remote work is a big piece of the puzzle and our powerful opportunity to reshape teams and up-skill. The DSIL team trains people to make the most of virtual C’s: communication, collaboration, and connection. This isn’t off the shelf online training that will take you away from critical tasks.

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