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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose DSSI?

DSSI has a proven track record of successfully sourcing indirect materials and services for large global companies. DSSI's procurement solutions are designed and uniquely configured to each client's specific requirements and objectives.

What is debt service suspension initiative (DSSI)?

That is why the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund urged G20 countries to establish the Debt Service Suspension Initiative. The DSSI is helping countries concentrate their resources on fighting the pandemic and safeguarding the lives and livelihoods of millions of the most vulnerable people.

What is a dsdssi loan?

DSSI borrowers commit to use freed-up resources to increase social, health, or economic spending in response to the crisis. They commit to disclose all public sector financial commitments (involving debt and debt-like instruments).

What is dddssi participation?

dssi Participation? 1Estimated debt-service payments owed to all official bilateral creditors as per the World Bank Debtor Reporting System (DRS) and International Debt Statistics definitions and classifications.

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