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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ducane the right choice for your HVAC system?

Ducane heating and cooling equipment is always the right choice. We use components chosen for their durability, then test and inspect every piece of equipment for quality before it ships. A new HVAC system is a big decision for any homeowner.

Where are DuCane furnaces made?

Located in Union City, New Jersey, Ducane Products Co. began as Ducane Brothers Metal Fabricating in 1946. The company moved to Little Ferry, New Jersey, in 1949 to begin production of oil-fired, warm air furnaces.

Is the Ducane 80g2v a good choice?

The Ducane 80G2V is a good choice for anyone looking to replace their old system. The variable-speed motor not only keeps temperature and humidity perfectly controlled but also operates quietly and helps you save money on energy costs.

How does a DuCane 95g1 furnace work?

The aluminized steel heat exchanger promotes durability and safety, while the two-stage operation adjusts depending on indoor and outdoor temperatures. You can lower your utility bills without lowering the thermostat with the Ducane 95G1 or 92G1 furnace. Powerful single-stage motors deliver dependable comfort during the cold months.

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