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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a DVD Movie?

Click “Start” and “All Programs.” Scroll down the list of programs and click on “Windows Media Player.”. Select the tab “Library” and double-click on the DVD entry under “Music.” The DVD menu will be displayed. In the DVD menu, click on “Play” to start movie playback.

Where can I buy a DVD Movie?

Buy DVDs Online from Discount Stores. In addition to the technology and electronics stores, you can also buy dvds online from your favorite discount stores. They have a great selection of DVDs at every day low prices. Just about everyone shops at is Walmart, and you can Buy DVDs Online at Walmart. You can also Buy DVD Movies Online at Target.

How do you watch movies on DVD?

Here’s how you can use it to watch your favorite movie on DVD: Insert the DVD and choose Start→All Programs→Windows Media Center. The Media Center opens to the main menu. Locate and double-click the Movies option. Scroll vertically through the main menu items Click the Play DVD option on the submenu.

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