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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a DVD player?

you can start by powering on your dvd player with your dvd remote and place your dvd in the player. Next you will need to change the input on the tv by press the input button below the tv power button on the TV remote, keep pressing until your dvd screen appears.

How do I access my DVD player?

How to play a DVD with Windows Media Player. 1. Open Windows Media Player and insert the DVD in the DVD drive. 2. If the disc does not start playing automatically, click Quick Access Panel button on the Windows Media Player menu and select the drive that contains the DVD.

How do you turn on a DVD player?

Click the circle next to Select an action to perform.. Click the Play DVD using Windows Media Player button. Click Apply and then OK.. Now, every time you insert a DVD into your computer, it will automatically play in Windows Media Player.

How do you start playing a DVD?

Place a DVD in the DVD drive of your computer. The DVD will start to play automatically if the When Inserting a DVD Start Playback option is enabled ( > Preferences > DVD). To manually start the DVD, select Play CD or DVD from the Play menu. Once the DVD is loaded and starts running, the DVD's main menu will appear.

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