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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open a DVD player on a laptop?

Most laptop DVD players can be opened in two ways, either with the standard eject button or using the emergency eject feature built into the DVD drive. Step. Press the rectangular eject/open button on or below the DVD tray door to open the player for changing discs.

How do you connect a CD player to your computer?

Plug one end of the 1/4-inch stereo cable into the headphone jack on your CD player. Plug the opposite end of the 1/4-inch stereo cable into either the computer's "Line In" or "Mic In" ports.

How do you play DVDs on a laptop computer?

However, you will only be able to play DVDs in the Media Center window and not in Windows Media Player. Additionally, RT devices do not support DVD playback. To play the DVD after installation, load the Media Center, insert the DVD in the optical drive, select the "Movies" option and choose "Play DVD.".

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