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Frequently Asked Questions

Which DVDs are compatible with Mac?

The 9 Best External DVD Drives For Mac & Windows LG Electronics GP65NB60. LG Electronics is a South Korean electronics company. ... Amicool DVD drive. Unknown Chinese brands have become the most sold portable optical drives on Amazon. ... Samsung SE-218GN. ... Dell DW316. ... ASUS SDRW-08D2S-U LITE. ... ASUS ZenDrive U9M. ... Lenovo DB65. ... Apple USB SuperDrive. ... VersionTech SuperDrive. ...

How do you play a DVD on a Mac?

Playing a DVD on a Mac with a DVD drive couldn't be easier. You simply insert the DVD into the SuperDrive and the DVD Player app should open automatically, and start running the disc. Like all DVDs it should open at the Menu and you click Play to start the movie (you can use the mouse to click on menu options).

Why wont my MAC play DVD?

Why DVD Won't Play on Mac (MacBook Pro/Air, iMac) DVD is dirty, smudged or scratched. This is the major reason why your Mac DVD player ejects DVD, though your drive accepts it. ... The actual DVD drive lens is dirty, which will particularly affect dual-layer discs. Or your SuperDrive is bad or damaged. Mac OS upgrade often results in system problem, and Mac won't play DVD issue is no exception. More items...

What is the best DVD player software for Mac?

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular DVD player software for Mac and Windows. To play a DVD disc with VLC Media Player, open the File menu, choose Open Disc from the resultant menu item. While in the Open Disk Dialog Box, select DVD.

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