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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DVD Shrink do?

DVD Shrink is an application which analyzes the content of DVD discs and gives users the option to remove certain parts of said DVD in order to create a near-clone, minus the content removed.

How do you use DVD Shrink?

To find out how big your dvd is, insert it in the drive and go to my computer and right click on the disk and choose properties. sometimes if there is extra copyright protection on the disc you may have to try using dvd decrypter. It will rip the dvd and then use dvd shrink to shrink it to fit on a disc.

Is DVD Shrink a safe program?

DVD Shrink itself is a perfectly safe and legitimate program. However, as it is a popular application that is no longer in development, there are many unofficial versions of the app around that contain malicious software, or try to trick you into paying for the freeware application.

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