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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dvmega cast multimode IP radio any good?

The DVMEGA Cast Multimode IP Radio has gone from being good to being a GREAT product with recent updates and will be even better with the newly announced added features to be released soon. This plus great support. A great value for the money, I now own two of these. The DVMEGA Cast is a fun new toy however manual is not complete.

What is the dvmega-cast?

The DVMEGA-Cast is an internet based HAM-tranceiver, providing you with D-star, DMR, and C4FM (YSF and FCS). To add extra hotspot functionality, you can use this kit to upgrade!

How do I update my dvmega-cast display?

DVMEGA-Cast Display update procedure: Open the webpage http://pi-star/admin/fw and if requested enter the (default:pi-star / raspberry, or use the user/password you set up here). Click ‘choose file’ in the DVMEGA-Cast Display section. Select the file you received. Typically (do not unzip!).

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