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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update the firmware on my dvmega cast?

Then click Expert and Firmware. At the bottom of the update firmware page you will find a PiStar adjustment button. Click here. After about 10 sec the message that the update is complete will appear, the DVMEGA Cast will now reboot and the change has been applied. It is best to give a power cycle now.

What's new in dvmega?

– DVMEGA Firmware update. Hereby an update regarding the implementation of call drop and reflector disconnect on demand. It was an obvious solution for D-Star. The host accepts an unlink command while a QSO is in progress.

Why can't I upload a file with (*) extension to dvmega cast?

With a Windows PC, as an example, the filename will be extended with (1) or (2) depending on how often you downloaded the file. The moment you want to upload a file with the (*) extension to your DVMEGA Cast that will not work. In this case you need to remove the (*) addition from the file name.

Is the dvmega cast multimode IP radio any good?

The DVMEGA Cast Multimode IP Radio has gone from being good to being a GREAT product with recent updates and will be even better with the newly announced added features to be released soon. This plus great support. A great value for the money, I now own two of these. The DVMEGA Cast is a fun new toy however manual is not complete.

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