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Frequently Asked Questions

What is learnpro and how does it work?

LearnPro hosts e-learning packages and supports a blended approach to staff development. The Prevention and Service Support Team continue to develop LearnPro modules to enhance staff knowledge and practice. Courses and modules that have been developed by the team and are available for all NHS staff to access are: Alcohol Brief Interventions.

What is East Ayrshire's CPD website?

Welcome to East Ayrshire's CPD website which has been set up to support you with your continuing professional development. This website will allow you to: Apply for East Ayrshire CPD opportunities

Why should I join the learnpro community?

Join the LearnPro community for your exclusive access to a variety of courses by world-class institutions and experts.

Who owns the content within learnpro NHS?

The contents within learnPro NHS includes both content owned or controlled by learnPro, and content owned or controlled by third parties and licensed to the Organisations. You are authorised to only view the material you have been authorised to access by your line manager or organisation for your personal, non-commercial use.

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