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Frequently Asked Questions

How does East Lothian Council use your personal data?

For school staff, all of these courses and activities are aimed at extending your learning environment and delivering the Curriculum for Excellence outdoors East Lothian Council uses the personal data you provide for purposes associated with the delivery of our services.

What support does East Lothian council offer?

Early Years East Lothian council provides a Support from the Start that all parents in East Lothian can access, including ‘Raising Children/Teens with Confidence’ courses.

What is active schools East Lothian?

Active Schools East Lothian is a joint initiative between East Lothian Council and sportscotland which offers school-aged children and young people opportunities to adopt active, healthy lifestyles throughout their school years and in to adulthood.

Where can I find out more about East Lothian ELPA?

You can find out more at the web pages on the East Lothian Council website or by calling the service on 01620 827130. ELPA’s goal is to promote and enrich the culture of play in East Lothian. Their website has a range of information, ideas and resources to ‘spark play’ designed with home, schools, nurseries and community in mind.

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