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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easy method for life insurance?

The first method is called the easy method. This method has you multiplying your annual gross income by 70% and then multiplying that by 7. This gives you 7 years of wages at 70%. For example, if your gross income is $65,000, then with the easy method, your life insurance requirement is ($65,000 * 0.7) * 7 = $318,500.

How do you calculate life insurance?

In general, you should find your ideal life insurance policy amount by calculating your long-term financial obligations and then subtracting your assets. The remainder is the gap that life insurance will have to fill.

How do I make a life insurance claim?

Steps to complete a life insurance claim: Obtain the policy or policy certificate if possible. Determine if it’s an individual policy or if it’s a group/association/work policy. Obtain the necessary forms from the broker or insurance company, complete and return to them. Claims form. Certificate of death. Doctor’s report.

How to complete your life insurance application?

Applying for life insurance online is a simple 3 step process. Bang in your details (date of birth, smoker/non-smoker) and the amount of cover you need and hey presto, we'll magically compare the market and offer you the best quotes from all five life insurers: Step 2) Choose the insurer that suits you best.

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