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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best water conditioner for marine aquariums?

Aquamaker AquaMaker is a powerful, fast-working water conditioner. It makes aggressive tap water immediately suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums. Filter Medium Easy-Life Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market and is completely natural.

How does easy life filter improve water quality?

Easy-Life has proven again and again that that is possible in a completely natural way, without needing any chemicals or bacteria. Easy-Life improves and stabilizes the water quality very effectively. Using this product, the frequency of water changes can drop dramatically.

Are there any aquariums maintained by easy life?

What other say about Easy-Life For several years the aquariums of Aqua Zoo in the Netherlands are maintained by the professional products of Easy-Life. Sealife Brighton in the UK has, after extensive research, selected the products of Easy Life for the maintenance of their freshwater aquariums.

Who are the people who use easy life?

The products are now no longer only used by hobbyists, but also by retail traders, wholesalers, zoos and importers and exporters of fish and corals. All our products are manufactured in-house. Products are developed by universally educated specialists from Easy Life. These specialists are also aquarists themselves and understand the practice.

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