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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best water conditioner for aquarium?

Aquamaker AquaMaker is a powerful, fast-working water conditioner. It makes aggressive tap water immediately suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums. Filter Medium Easy-Life Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market and is completely natural.

Does easyeasy-life filter medium really work?

Easy-Life Filter Medium is a very powerful product. You can actually see the product working in the water. After the addition of Easy-Life the water goes cloudy, which means that the product is working. The more contaminants are present in the water, the longer this turbidity will last.

How does easyeasy-life work?

Easy-Life improves and stabilizes the water quality very effectively. Using this product, the frequency of water changes can drop dramatically. Some aquarists haven't done any water changes or filter maintenance for longer periods of time, without any problems.

What is easyeasy-life multicura?

Easy-Life Multicura is a combined preparation with a broad spectrum action against the most common tropical fish diseases in freshwater aquariums... The very sensitive and accurate Easy-Life Phosphate testkit is suitable for fresh water and marine aquariums.

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