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Frequently Asked Questions

What size do Chubbies Shorts come in?

Chubbies advertises their clothes as an all-inclusive brand, which means they offer clothing for every body type. The shorts range in size from small to extra-extra large depending on cut and occasion.

What is the proper way to wash Chubbies Shorts?

What is the proper way to wash Chubbies shorts? Chubbies can undergo standard wash cycles with similar products. Cotton shorts can also be run through a normal dry cycle. For polyester products, line drying is preferred and is the recommended method.

What are Chubbies made of?

Chubbies are made from a series of soft fabrics. They could be 100% cotton, a cotton blend, or polyester. Each short is manufactured to be comfortable and have staying power. Some shorts also provide customers with elastic waistbands. What sort of styles are available from the Chubbies company?

What are the different types of khaki shorts?

Khakis/Chinos - These options are typically a cotton twill with a more tailored design quality. They can come in traditional khaki coloring or brighter spectrum options. Athletic - These cotton shorts are comfortable in extreme heat and usually have a waistband with some elasticity to it.

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