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Frequently Asked Questions

How loud is the Echo egi-3600ln inverter generator?

The Echo EGi-3600LN Inverter Generator features a 212cc overhead valve 4-stroke engine with sound-insulating panels that results in much quieter operation than you might expect. This generator can crank out a max 3,600 watts (3,000 running watts), but it does it at a sound level that isn’t much noisier than a casual conversation (63 dB (A)).

What is the capacity of the 3600wh smart extra batteries?

A pair of the 3600Wh Smart Extra Batteries can take the capacity to 10.5Wh. The gas generator can give you additional backup power in extended blackouts, extreme storms, and more. It is designed to work with the Delta Pro ecosystem in a way that you will never run out of power even in prolonged emergencies.

How much does the ecoflow generator weigh?

The device has a size of 25 x 11.2 x 16.4 in and it weighs 84 lbs. You have it with the same design as Delta Pro and with a strong build and two built-in carrying handles. As you know, it is the gasoline generator EcoFlow has designed for delivering backup power to Delta Pro and Max in extreme and prolonged emergency situations.

What is the Delta pro 3600wh power station?

The Delta Pro is basically a 3600Wh power station with a 3600W power inverter. It can even run your big appliances up to 4500 watts, thanks to the brand’s famous X-Boost mode. Thus, you get a portable power station to smoothly run your air conditioners, washers, power tools, and more. Its amazing modular feature is a thing of attraction.

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