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Frequently Asked Questions

How loud is the Echo egi-3600ln inverter generator?

The Echo EGi-3600LN Inverter Generator features a 212cc overhead valve 4-stroke engine with sound-insulating panels that results in much quieter operation than you might expect. This generator can crank out a max 3,600 watts (3,000 running watts), but it does it at a sound level that isn’t much noisier than a casual conversation (63 dB (A)).

What is the Echo egi-2300 generator?

The EGI-2300 features 2 USB ports and computer controlled power output to keep your electronics safe when charging. This generator is also fuel efficient. It saves fuel by adjusting its RPM depending on its load. It comes with a 1.2-gallon fuel tank, and running at 50% load, the Echo EGI-2300 can run for up to 5.5 hours.

What are the specs of Echo 2300W portable generator?

Echo 2300W Portable Generator Specs 1 Model: Echo EGI-2300 2 Engine Displacement: 80cc 3 Running Wattage: 1,800 W 4 Max Wattage: 2,300 W 5 Max Amp: 15A 6 Fuel Tank: 1.2 gal. 7 Run Time: 5.5 hours at 50% load 8 USB Ports: 2 9 Dry Weight: 55 lbs. 10 Warranty: 3-year consumer/90-day commercial 11 Price: $849.99 More ...

What is the eg-10000 generator?

ECHO's EG-10000 generator is strong enough to power job sites, multiple appliances at home or even a food truck. Packed with features the 10,000 Watt generator powers job sites, large loads and home emergencies. *Suggested retail prices.

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