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Frequently Asked Questions

How much power can ecoflow power?

【POWER UP TO 10 DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY】 EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology allows you to power devices up to 1800W, which lets you power up to 80% of essential devices like kitchen appliances, and DIY tools. 【MODULAR DESIGN】 The RIVER Extra Battery design lets you customize the power station by adding an Extra Battery.

What is the eco-Gen joulebox™ hybrid generator?

With the ECO-GEN JouleBox ™ Hybrid Generator you have a choice to be free of your electrical utility bills forever! Contact Us! You decided to “Go Green” but you don’t want a rooftop full of solar panels or you don’t have room for all the solar panels you would need to make an impact on you electricity bill.

Can I use a portable generator during a storm?

Storms have knocked out power and you don't know if it's going to be for an hour, days or weeks. Portable generators are just what you need to bring power back while the power company works to restore your local power.

Why choose EF ecoflow portable power station?

It can be folded into a storage pouch for easy transport which is made of special durable fabric meterial to protect it from occasional rain. Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, picnic. EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station 2 DELTA, 1260Wh Camping Lithium Battery Pack with 6AC Outlets 1800W

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