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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EcoGene?

The EcoGene database provides a set of gene and protein sequences derived from the genome sequence of Escherichia coli K-12. EcoGene is a source of re-annotated sequences for the SWISS-PROT and Colibri databases.

What is included in the EcoGene genepage design?

The tab-oriented approach taken for the EcoGene 3.0 GenePage design is depicted in Figure 1. Every protein and RNA-encoding gene has a GenePage with additional tabs displaying the DNA sequence, protein sequence, microarray results, PubMed-linked bibliographies, and PDB-linked structures.

What was the default EcoGene website before EcoGene 3?

EcoGene 2.0 was the default website from 2006 until EcoGene 3.0 was officially launched in September 2012. During a 1-year beta deployment period, >80% of usage switched to EcoGene 3.0.

What are the different EcoGene modules in MySQL?

EcoGene 3.0 MySql database schema. Some minor fields have been deleted for clarity. The five modules are color-coded. The Core EcoGene module holds the genome sequence, the gene-pubmed cross-references and genomic address for genes and intergenes.

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