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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the default EcoGene website before EcoGene 3?

EcoGene 2.0 was the default website from 2006 until EcoGene 3.0 was officially launched in September 2012. During a 1-year beta deployment period, >80% of usage switched to EcoGene 3.0.

What are EcoGene genesets?

EcoGene genesets are collections of genes clustered in EcoTopics or EcoArray. User-provided genesets are lists of EG accession numbers uploaded at a GeneSets Venn Diagram and Boolean Query page.

What is the difference between EcoGene 2 and 3?

EcoGene 2.0 will remain available for users who are accustomed to its interface; it accesses the same daily updated MySql database as EcoGene 3.0, but all new development projects will be restricted to EcoGene 3.0. For example, the interactive Venn diagram tool is only available in EcoGene 3.0.

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