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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ecogenesis in biology?

Ecogenesis the development in the course of evolution of ecological relations between organisms and their environment. The term “ecogenesis” was introduced in 1904 by the German scientist K. Detto, who used it to denote the process of adaptation in general.

What is ecogenesis™ plastic welding technology?

This means ecoGenesis is the ideal plastics welding technology solution for companies that wish to replace PVC or polyurethane (PU) in packaging and manufacturing. ecoGenesis ™ provides numerous options for PVC and PU replacement with ecologically friendly materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

What is ecogenetic succession?

Ecogenesis, or ecogenetic succession, is also used for floral succession, the main cause of which is a change in ecological conditions engendered by the plants themselves (endogenous succession) or by external factors (hologenetic succession). The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition (1970-1979). © 2010 The Gale Group, Inc.

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