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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of epigenetics in biology?

Examples of epigenetics. Epigenetic changes alter the physical structure of DNA. One example of an epigenetic change is DNA methylation — the addition of a methyl group, or a "chemical cap," to part of the DNA molecule, which prevents certain genes from being expressed.

What is environmentecogenetics in R?

EcoGenetics is an R package with infrastructure and flexible methods designed to make easier and faster the data analysis routines of population ecologists and geneticists. These routines usually involve a series of operations over multi-source datasets, that can be simplified in a set of functions. The package defines

How does the environment affect epigenetic changes?

Some epigenetic changes can be added or removed in response to changes in behavior or environment. Smoking can result in epigenetic changes. For example, at certain parts of the AHRR gene, smokers tend to have less DNA methylation than non-smokers. The difference is greater for heavy smokers and long-term smokers.

What is an example of an unmethylated gene?

The best example is a gene called agouti, which is methylated in normal brown mice. However, mice with an unmethylated agouti gene are yellow and obese, despite being genetically essentially identical to their skinny brown relatives.

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