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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ecogenetics lab?

The EcoGenetics Lab is committed to research that not only helps us better understand our natural world, but also provides management solutions to complex environmental issues in a rapidly changing world.

What is environmentecogenetics in R?

EcoGenetics is an R package with infrastructure and flexible methods designed to make easier and faster the data analysis routines of population ecologists and geneticists. These routines usually involve a series of operations over multi-source datasets, that can be simplified in a set of functions. The package defines

Where is the ecogenetics lab at Deakin University?

The EcoGenetics Lab at Deakin University is distributed across three locations including the Queenscliff Marine Station, Warrnambool campus, and Waurn Ponds campus.

What is epigenetics in biology?

10. The term epigenetics refers to heritable changes in gene expression (active versus inactive genes) that does not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence; a change in phenotype without a change in genotype. 11.

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