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Frequently Asked Questions

What is US Ecogen?

US EcoGen develops, finances, constructs, owns, and operates biomass, solar, and wind-powered electrical generating facilities, timber plantations and biomass recycling centers. US EcoGen is initially focused on the Southeastern United States and select international markets.

Why choose eco-Gen energy?

Whether you own a small, medium or large business, ECO-GEN Energy has a system to meet and exceed your company needs. Our modular systems are designed to exceed normal solar energy production thereby increasing your bottom line and become energy independent.

Why choose Ecogen pest control?

EcoGen Pest Control is proud to be the premier pest control company in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Pahrump and Clark County. Specializing in residential and commercial pest control services, EcoGen operates differently than competitors as we provide unmatched thoroughness and quality of service.

What's new in ecogen_v2?

A new release, ECOGEN_v2.0, is available on GitHub. It includes new features and fixes bugs: AMR multicore computations are now efficiently load balanced. New equation of state implemented: Noble-Abel Stiffened-Gas EOS.

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