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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edna enterprise data management?

eDNA Enterprise Data Management is a real-time data management platform used to collect, store, display, analyze and report on operational and asset health related data.

What is the Edna manual data logger?

The eDNA Manual Data Logger enables users to manually enter information that isn’t automatically collected so that it can be stored in the system and accessed via the eDNA client tools. yeDNA Web

What is the use of Edna EBC?

EBC is an Open Database Connectivity driver that provides access to eDNA real-time and historical data. EBC is installed on the end-user computer and connects to the eDNA server to fulfil data retrieval requests. EBC enables access to eDNA data through third-party tools.

What does Edna stand for?

The Electronic Declaration software for National Authorities (EDNA) is a software tool, developed by the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW to provide assistance to National Authorities when compiling declarations pursuant to Article VI of the CWC, including the option of submitting those declarations in electronic format.

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