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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose aim's special education services?

We have sought AIM's services for Special Education Full and Individual Evaluations including bilingual, speech and OT. AIM has always been timely in scheduling the requested evaluations. The reports as well have been produced in a timely manner and are accurate according to the data provided.

How many aqts are in educate Alabama?

EDUCATEAlabama addresses the five AQTS and 39 related indicators. The new evaluation process employs holistic descriptions of practice. The number of forms used in the evaluation process has been minimized. Levels of practice appear only on the Collaborative Summary Report.

Who can benefit from aim?

Every small and medium-size district/school in the country would benefit from having access to an organization like AIM. The DeWitt - Lavaca Special Education Cooperative (DLSEC) has worked with Assessment Intervention Management (AIM) for a number of years and have always found their staff and contractors to be friendly and knowledgeable.

What is the educatealabama continua?

The appropriate continuum in the EDUCATEAlabama Continua is applied to the data/information available for each indicator to determine the levels of practice exhibited during a full evaluation year. At the conclusion of the EDUCATEAlabama process, evaluator and teacher will collaboratively develop the CSR and a Professional Learning Plan (PLP.)

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