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Frequently Asked Questions

What is educatealabama?

Why EDUCATEAlabama? EDUCATEAlabama is a strictly formative evaluation system designed to provide data about a teacher’s current practices measured against the AQTS that can be used to set expectations, goals, and plans for teacher professional growth.

What is the Alabama supercomputer authority?

The Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA) is a state-funded corporation founded in 1989 for the purpose of planning, acquiring, developing, administering and operating a statewide supercomputer and related telecommunication systems.

What is the educatealabama CSR?

EducateAlabama. EDUCATEAlabama builds a Collaborative Summary Report (CSR) compiling all data gathered during the evaluation process. The appropriate continuum in the EDUCATEAlabama Continua is applied to the data/information available for each indicator to determine the levels of practice exhibited during a full evaluation year.

How many aqts are in educate Alabama?

EDUCATEAlabama addresses the five AQTS and 39 related indicators. The new evaluation process employs holistic descriptions of practice. The number of forms used in the evaluation process has been minimized. Levels of practice appear only on the Collaborative Summary Report.

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