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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alabama Plan 2020 professional learning program?

Provide research-based professional growth opportunities for Alabama’s teachers and leaders based on their individual and collective professional learning plans. 6/17/2016 Plan 2020 Professionals Indicators/Targets

What is the educatealabama continua?

The appropriate continuum in the EDUCATEAlabama Continua is applied to the data/information available for each indicator to determine the levels of practice exhibited during a full evaluation year. At the conclusion of the EDUCATEAlabama process, evaluator and teacher will collaboratively develop the CSR and a Professional Learning Plan (PLP.)

What does the Alabama Department of Education do to prepare teachers?

Review the admission and certification criteria for Alabama’s teacher preparation programs. Provide a comprehensive induction and mentoring program for new teachers. Develop and implement a professional growth evaluation system for teachers and leaders that includes multiple measures of student growth and achievement.

What is a Professional Learning Plan (PLP)?

Professional Learning Plan (PLP) - The teacher will be able to incorporate strategies learned from workshops into lesson plans - The teacher will present BYOD to the faculty in a meeting - The teacher will obtain BYOD certification - Activity logs, lesson plans, or gradebooks can be used to document use of technology by teacher and students

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