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Frequently Asked Questions

What is education connection?

Our Mission is simple, straightforward, and achievable… every child reading by the end of 3rd grade. In 2009, the church community asked city leaders what we could do to make a lasting impact in our city. The answer was simple: to support children’s literacy and decrease school dropout rates. Hence, Education Connection was created.

Is there a different version of the education connection jingle?

Highlight the text then click the link Use Bold and Italics only to distinguish between different singers in the same verse. Although there are multiple versions of the jingle, including a rap, rock, and 2011 version, the original Education Connection Jingle is the ubiquitous one.

How much does education connection cost?

Education Connection is FREE! There’s no cost, risk or obligation – just a chance to enhance your credentials and change your life. WHAT DO STUDENTS SAY ABOUT EDUCATION CONNECTION? Education Connection just really made it nice and easy for me to get enrolled into college and start doing what I love doing.”

What is the educationconnection scholarship program?

EducationConnection is offering a scholarship worth $1,000 to eligible active duty, military veterans and spouses. We hope to help offset the costs associated with enhancing your education and pursuing those next steps in your civilian career path.

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