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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use gifs in the classroom?

GIFs can also be used to convey how students are feeling about new material in a way that may be more honest than a verbal response. Ask students to find a photo, GIF, or meme that describes their feeling about a new course concept. If the majority of students are using memes that show confused or overwhelmed faces, it may be time to review.

How does education connection work?

EDUCATION CONNECTION BRINGS YOU HUNDREDS OF SCHOOLS, THOUSANDS OF PROGRAMS AND MILLIONS OF MATCHES. Simply tell us here at Education Connection a little bit about yourself and your goals by answering a few questions –it only takes a few minutes! Education Connection will instantly select schools for you based on your educational needs and goals.

How much does education connection cost?

Education Connection is FREE! There’s no cost, risk or obligation – just a chance to enhance your credentials and change your life. WHAT DO STUDENTS SAY ABOUT EDUCATION CONNECTION? Education Connection just really made it nice and easy for me to get enrolled into college and start doing what I love doing.”

Why would a student choose an image to encapsulate a meme?

A student could choose such an image to demonstrate their understanding of the meaning of toxic masculinity in which showing emotion is thought to be unmanly. Much like the art of summarizing, encapsulating a meme into an image with a pithy comment is a challenging, creative task.

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