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Frequently Asked Questions

Does education connection offer free matching?

Education Connection has matched over 2 million individuals to potential educational opportunities and continues to offer its free matching service to all prospective students. Education Connection uses the following information to personalize education opportunities:

What is edueducation connection?

Education Connection, at, is a company aiming to help users find an online educational provider or traditional college or university by matching them to an educational institution. How Does it Work?

How can education connection help me find a college?

If a student already has credit from another institution, Education Connection can help the student find a college or university that will accept the previously-attained credit. Not all credits are transferable, but this service will help the student find the institution best suited to take the credits.

How did you benefit from education connection?

I benefited from Education Connection because it listed the colleges and what degrees you can get from each university. It only took me about 10 minutes to get my list of schools and I called around to the schools and the schools helped me with the financial aid.

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