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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lab school?

“The lab school concept is one that is willing to take chances and be open to new ideas,” Greenberg says. “The conventional system isn’t as nimble. Lab schools know their purpose, and that is to create schools where new ideas are being born, developed and spread.”

Is a lab school right for your child?

Ronald Snodgrass, interim director at Missouri State University’s Greenwood Laboratory School, says small school environments with niche learning specialties make lab schools a good choice for some children.

What makes a good Lab School?

Education experts say the strength of most lab schools lies in a focus on academics, smaller teacher-to-student ratios and the enhanced resources and equipment that often come with ongoing research. (Getty Images)

When was the first Lab School founded?

One of the most famous was founded in 1894 in Chicago by the psychologist and philosopher John Dewey (1859-1952) in the course of progressive education. Some of the best known lab schools today include UCLA, Washington, New York, and Toronto.

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