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Frequently Asked Questions

Should labelling be used in education?

Labelling can therefore be viewed within at least two contexts. These are the view that labels can contribute to improvements in education and that they may impact negatively on schooling. There have been arguments that labelling in education has the disadvantage of giving pupils name tags that present them as social misfits in society.

Can you use printable school labels and tags all year?

You can definitely use these printable school labels and tags not just in the beginning of the school year but all through out. As I have said, they can be enjoyed in a variety of ways! You’ve read it, this set of school freebies has over 50 printable tags that you’ll find in your download.

What are the different models of labelling?

There are a number of models that have been used to explain labelling. These include the developmental approach, the cultural approach and the individualised approach. The developmental approach to labelling focuses on how the child develops and labels are attached to that lack of development.

What is labelling theory?

Labelling theory is a result of the work of Howard Becker. This is a theory that Becker created in 1963. There are a number of fundamental issues that the labelling theory attempts to explain. First, is the view that people tend to behave the way they are labelled.

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