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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of an academic advisor?

An academic advisor can share knowledge, experience and insight that is beneficial to the student. The advisor's role is to help the student evaluate and realize educational and career options. This requires the advisor to: approve the student's academic program of study.

What is an academic advisor?

An academic advisor is a student's principal point of contact for academic issues that impact progress toward the degree. An academic advisor can assist a student with course planning, registration, academic counseling and can assist in several other capacities.

What is a teaching degree?

The most basic teaching degree is an associate degree. An associate teaching degree can be earned in two years of full-time study; it is important to note that in all fifty states, unless you have a bachelor's teaching degree, you won't be qualified to have your own classroom.

What is Student Affairs?

Student affairs is the department or division of services for student success. This group of smaller departments are in charge of supporting the academic and personal development of students at school. Departments included under student affairs may include academic advising, admissions, career services and counselling.

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