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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of an academic advisor?

An academic advisor can share knowledge, experience and insight that is beneficial to the student. The advisor's role is to help the student evaluate and realize educational and career options. This requires the advisor to: approve the student's academic program of study.

What is the job description of an academic advisor?

Job Duties. An academic advisor is responsible for providing educational guidance and assistance for students by planning schedules, recommending courses and determining appropriate education solutions for different types of students. They must also follow through and track the advancement of students.

What is an academic advisor?

An academic advisor is a student's principal point of contact for academic issues that impact progress toward the degree. An academic advisor can assist a student with course planning, registration, academic counseling and can assist in several other capacities.

What is the job description of a CEO?

CEO Job Description. A Chief Executive Officer or CEO is highest ranked executive in an organization. A CEO is a person who actually shape the growth path of a company & takes major decisions for the success of a company. A CEO Job Description includes variety of different duties & responsibilities and they majorly depends on the nature...

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