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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose educational connections?

At Educational Connections, we’re more than just a tutoring company. We believe that every student, even the most accomplished ones, can use a little help with optimizing their study habits. For that reason, we incorporate skills like staying organized, planning ahead to reduce procrastination, and study techniques into most everything we do.

How can EC tutoring help you?

You'll be in great hands here! EC Tutoring helped my son (3rd grader) navigate the transition to virtual schooling during COVID. They were ... specialized, attentive, and practical. He went from refusing all online learning to participating in his online classes with much greater confidence.

How can test prep Tutors help you?

Our expert test prep tutors individualize private, online sessions to help students prepare for high-stakes standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and SSAT. Solid test scores can make a big difference in whether students are admitted to the college or private school of their choice, even when tests are optional.

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