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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Codeforces start another round?

This coming Friday (yes, the 13th of November) Codeforces starts another line of rounds. We called them Educational Rounds.

What is an educational round in ICPC?

Educational round are for educational purpose. There you may find straight forward algorithm problems and also good problem from previous rounds also can be included from any possible source. These rounds are not rated. , ACM ICPC World Finalist, CS Student.

Do you prefer educational rounds or regular rounds?

While I really like Educational Rounds, I personally do not see that much of a difference between them and regular rated rounds, maybe C-D are easier than usual for Educational, but if someone puts up an Educational as a rated round, I don't think many will notice. IMO, it would be really great if we can start seeing classical problems appear.

Can You Hack solutions in Codeforces without solving the problem?

You can hack solution of any problem regardless you solved it or not. A cool feature is you can copy other’s solution to your local machine and run your testcases which is not permitted in normal codeforces round. In this hacking phase you can hack solutions even if you didn’t participate in the round. That’s all.

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