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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the original Chubby's Mexican restaurant?

We take pride in providing a fast friendly service and hot fresh Mexican food at its finest. Whether you want a delicious breakfast burrito or some carné asada smothered fries, or one of my personal favorites, a Mexican hamburger just head down to The Original Chubby’s Mexican restaurant with three locations to serve you.

Where is Chubby's family restaurant?

Just click on the map to the right to see all of the Chubby's Family Restaurant locations. Or click on a specific location in the list below to get a map and directions. Chubby's of Dallas 11331 E Northwest Hwy # 105F Dallas, TX 75238 (214) 348-6065

What to eat at El Chubby's?

Classic Mexican Favorites Of course, the El Chubby’s menu wouldn’t be complete without tempting enchiladas and rellenos, fresh asada bowls, grilled quesadillas and zesty queso con chorizo. Have a hungry family? Order everyone’s favorite sides along with our traditional, handmade tamales sold by the half or full dozen.

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