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Frequently Asked Questions

What does bad end mean?

In Japanese visual novels / dating games / eroges (and derived works), "bad end" refers to a characteristic technique of the genre wherein an alternative ending depicts things ending poorly for most or all of the characters.

What are bad endings in video games?

A bad ending occurs when the player finishes a video game but is not completely successful for some reason, as opposed to a good ending. Generally speaking, in a "bad ending", the player has reached an end-point of the game, and has technically won, but the victory is incomplete, and, in some cases, isn't much of a victory at all.

Do you prefer good endings or bad endings?

But sometimes bad endings are good. They might not provide any closure, or make your efforts up until that point feel slightly pointless, but they're almost always memorable. A neat, happy conclusion is fine, but if every story ended like that, the world would be a very boring place.

Why do Sonic games have bad endings?

In several Sonic games on Genesis and Game Gear, a bad ending is earned by failing to gain all available Chaos Emeralds, usually resulting in the game ending early due to Sonic not being able to transform for the final boss battle. The first three games of Ace Attorney series also feature bad endings.

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