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Frequently Asked Questions

How to end a quote?

Try these 12 tips: The Title Close. Use the title of your speech as your closing words. ... The Circular Close. Refer back to your opening anecdote or quote and say: "We have arrived now at the close where we began." Reiterate the message you want your ... The Challenging Close. ... The Invitation Close. ... The Quotation Close. ... The Repetitive Close. ... The Sing-Song Close. ... More items...

How to end a sentence with a quote?

Punctuating a Quote Ending a Sentence With a Quote. Simply put, punctuation, like question marks and periods, that comes before the beginning of the quote goes outside of the quotation marks, and any ... Beginning a Sentence With a Quote. "I would love to but I really ought to go home," I replied. ... Capitalize Complete Sentences in Quotes. ...

What does end quote mean?

quote, end quote. COMMON You say quote, unquote to show that a word or phrase you have just used is something that someone else has said. Even though I'm this big, huge superstar quote unquote, I have family problems too. A spokesman said quote, `a certain number', unquote of the men lost their lives that day.

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