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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ending of a song called?

If the end section of the track is a repetition of a certain chord progression it is called a vamp or vamp out. This can also be a verb, "vamp out on the verse changes" etc. If the end of the song is a chorus it is often referred to as the "out chorus".

What is the song in the end?

"In the End" is song written by Linkin Park from their debut album Hybrid Theory (2000). Its lyrics to the song is mainly based on one person's failure. It is considered symbolic of an ending relationship. However it can also be symbolic of a long-lasting friendship's trust between one another that has gone away.

Who sings the song the end?

"The End" is a song by the American rock group The Doors. Its lyrics were written by lead singer Jim Morrison. He originally wrote the song about breaking up with his girlfriend Mary Werbelow, but it evolved through months of performances at Los Angeles' Whisky a Go Go into a nearly 12-minute track on their self-titled debut album.

What is the song that never ends?

"The Song That Never Ends" (originally, "The Song That Doesn't End") is a self-referential and infinitely iterative children's song. The song appears in the album Lamb Chop's Sing-Along, Play-Along by puppeteer Shari Lewis.

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