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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a synonym for ended?

Synonyms for ended. closed, closed out, completed, concluded, finished, rounded (off or out), terminated, wound up.

What are synonyms for end?

Synonyms for end in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for end. 227 synonyms for end: close, ending, finish, expiry, expiration, conclusion, ending, climax, completion, finale, culmination, denouement, consummation, finish.

What are the most common word endings?

© – Word Puzzles – Volume 1 Common Endings #1 1. long, lake, sea 2. home, ready, man 3. face, fork, shop 4. hind, eye, fore 5. short, crew, buzz 6. sketch, mouse, launch 7. black, voice, air 8. news, night, hand 9. truck, over, free 10. under, slip, dust 11. land, slum, war 12. thunder, ring, dead 13. stove, bag, wind

What are synonyms for the verb 'end'?

stopping, finishing, halting, discontinuing, terminating, breaking off, ceasing, dissolving, dropping, axing, completing, closing, concluding, quitting, resolving, abolishing, aborting, annulling, breaking, breaking up, calling off, cancelling, canceling, elapsing, expiring, scrapping, winding up, belaying, relinquishing, sundering, determining, interrupting, lapsing, passing, settling, wrapping, closing out, consummating, crowning, cutting off, cutting out, dead-ending, leaving off, putting ...

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