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Frequently Asked Questions

Which language is easier to learn, Hindi or Urdu?

Urdu is one of the most difficult language in the world and hindi is far more easier than urdu but if u set an example i.e we speak a mixture of both urdu nd hindi in our society but these words which we uses are more from urdu language but those words aren't pure Urdu.

What is antonym meaning in Urdu?

Antonyms meaning in Urdu is Zid. Similar words of Antonyms are also commonly used in daily talk like as Antonym. Pronunciation of Antonyms in roman Urdu is "Zid" and Translation of Antonyms in Urdu writing script is ضد. Antonyms لفظ کا تعلق انگریزی زبان سے ہے جس کے معنی ''ضد'' کے ہیں۔

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