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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with an ENT bank account?

With checking and savings accounts, money market funds, and more, get the products and services to meet your daily banking needs. Loans for life’s needs. Use an Ent mortgage, auto loan, credit card, or other financing to fund life’s most important purchases—big or small.

How to register a business with Ent Credit Union?

Register via Online Banking. Register for Online Banking at your local service center or by contacting a Business\u2028 Specialist at (719) 574-1100 ext. 6770 or 800-525-9623 ext. 6770. Quickly and securely toggle between your Ent accounts within Online and Mobile Banking without having to completely log out and log back in.

Is there a charge for Ent mobile banking?

There is no charge for Ent Mobile Text Banking or the Ent Mobile Banking App; however, charges from your mobile service provider may apply. Please review Ent’s Important Account Information and Fee Schedule for additional information.

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