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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pi historian?

A PI Historian is a real-time data historian developed by OSIsoft. The PI Historian records data values over time in a proprietary time-series database. All different types of data can be recorded and each distinct piece of data is known as a PI tag. For a given PI tag, you record its events or data values over time.

What is Pipi system?

PI System is an integrated portfolio of software to collect, store, view, analyze, and share operational data with users within and beyond the enterprise. PI System - Connecting data, operations & people | OSIsoft

What is integrated enterprise historian in DeltaV?

The term “integrated enterprise historian” refers to the enterprise historian option available in DeltaV v12.3 and later versions where the PI Server is installed on a non-DeltaV PC, typically on the plant/process local area network (LAN).

What is it about PI Server?

It leverages the PI Server’s highly efficient architecture for capturing, organizing, and storing process data. That provides the ideal foundation for today’s rapidly growing crop of advanced analytics like our PlantESP.

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